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Merchant 6

Mod'tana is the result of a unique combination of a modern approach and a Montana-style aesthetic, which takes into account the history, site, and context of Polson, MT, while also providing the necessary level of performance to withstand the challenging seasonal environment of the Northern United States. The project consists of six townhomes, which are divided into two separate, detached structures, consisting of a trio of three-level units. The rental properties are intended to cater to an upscale professional demographic. In collaboration with the owner's encouragement and support, the designers approached the design of rental units more like permanent single-family homes, rather than adopting a predictable off-the-shelf approach. While implementing general modularity to the building system, the units will have a unique and desirable level of autonomy that will allow them to blend in with the site seamlessly. The use of materials inspired by the region and climate will be harmonious, and special moments will be introduced throughout the interior, such as extensive casework and storage, custom detailing, and banquette seating. These features will give the spaces efficiency, warmth, and a unique invitation that will transcend a typical rentable space.



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