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Old ideas, New building

Gramma lived in a Victorian house. It was a large home covered in white lap siding, with stacked radius front porches flanked by bay windows. The front entry was formal, as it opened onto a double-volume staircase. The floor plan was divided, and each room was meant to have its own purpose. It's these old ideas that drove the design of this new home.

The Grandmother who lived here is both the Client's and the Architect's Grandmother. This gave us a very personal approach to the design. In today's construction climate, it would be costly to build a Victorian home due to material costs and the need for more artisans. So, it was our approach to take elements from the past and try to infuse them into this new design. Much like in our grandmother's house, the formal dining room was anchored by the Bay Window. This leads us to clip the corner in the kitchen and design a built-in banquette, once again anchoring the table within the "Bay window." The diagonal wall/clipped corner of the "Bay window" becomes such a strong homage or element repeated in multiple features. The floor plan presents itself in the same manner any Victorian would have. There is no "Greatroom," and every room has its purpose with multiple areas to quietly reflect.

Having honored the Old ideas, the hope is that this house will resonate with the next generation.

Thanks, T&M

We hope you can fill this house with the same love and memories as Grammas.


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